Founded in 1939 by the Late Rajabala Das in the backdrop of the nationalist struggle for freedom, Handique Girls’ College takes pride in completing about eighty years of its glorious existence in the history of women’s education and empowerment in Assam as well as in the entire North-East India. Mrs. Rajabala Das’s pioneering zeal for the cause of women’s education and her undaunting spirit to combat social prejudices regarding women’s liberation fortunately found a solid support from the philanthropist Late Radha Kanta Handique whose generosity played a major role in the establishment of this premier centre of women’s education in the pre-independence India. The college was originally housed in a small building located within the premises of Panbazar Girls’ High School and it was then known as ‘Gauhati Girls’ College’. The present name of the college reflects a humble endeavor to commemorate the legacy of the Late Radha Kanta Handique by generations of its stakeholders with a deep sense of gratitude and respect.

Handique Girls’ College offers a suitable space to the young women who have individual dreams and aspirations to excel in multiple areas of life with a sense of social responsibility and commitment. The institution has been striving hard in its eight decades long journey in the field of higher education towards the realization of their individual, familial and societal dreams and expectations. The college offers the environment for learning as well as for celebrating cultural pluralities with students from diverse ethnicities, cultures and regions in the country.

 Being one of the constituent colleges under Gauhati University, the teaching-learning programme in this institution is designed by the university, but at the same time in response to the needs and challenges of the changing times, a variety of add-on programmes and practices have been incorporated into the academic courses for an all-inclusive development of the career of the students. In conjunction with the regular undergraduate programmes in the Arts and the Science streams, the College offers career oriented programmes, certificate course in Women Studies, Student Mentoring Programmes etc. with a view to equipping the young minds for being proactive members in the emerging knowledge society. It is a fact that the evolving global environment is making teaching-learning a challenging activity, but the college strives to mould the personalities of the students in the formative period of their lives . The students are also entrusted with the responsibility of sharing their intellectual resources with the immediate social environment and the world at large. The alumni of the college working in various fields of activities and contributing to the nation building in different capacities substantiate the fact that Handique Girls’ College is not merely an educational institution, but an integral part of the society, dedicated to the mission of enrichment of society through a holistic education for women.

Since its inception, Handique Girls’ College is privileged in having a series of  dynamic and visionary principals and members of the Governing Body, dedicated to the cause of higher education for women. The following have been the principals of the college : the late Mrs. Rajabala Das (1939-1965), the late Sarat Chandra Goswami (1965-1974), Mrs. Ameda Rasul (1974-1984), the late Dr. Ratna Kanta Baruah (1984-1992), Mrs. Priti Barua (in-charge, 1992-1993), Dr. (Miss) Saraju Das (in-charge, 1993-1994), Dr. Gagan Chandra Baruah (1994-2000), Miss Shenehi Begum (in-charge, 2000-2002), Dr. (Mrs.) Mridula Mazumdar (in-charge, 2002-2004), Mrs. Geeta Barua (in-charge, 2004),Dr. (Mrs.) Indira Bardoloi (2004-2014),Dr. Santana Kakaty(in-charge, Augst 2014-October 2014),Mrs. Nirmali (in-charge, November 2014- December 2014). The present principal of the college is Dr. Utpal Dutta.