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The words inscribed in the emblem of Handique Girls’ College are “Shraddhavan Labhate Jnanam.” The words occur in the fourth chapter,entitled “Jnanjog”,of the illuminating Srimadbhagwat Gita which incorporates several theories of Indian philosophy. It is to be noted that our college emblem exhibits an open book with a lighted lamp. The significance of which can be interpreted in the following way: The college or any educational institution is like an open book where knowledge gets unfurled. That knowledge disseminates pure light like a lamp. The emitted light can redeem those who are submerged in ignorance and darkness. In other words, the actual knowledge engraved in the open book can be acquired by the learners only with the help of the lighted lamp. However, at the root of the entire process is the sense of respect. As a lamp cannot be lighted without oil, similarly knowledge cannot be obtained without respect, belief and sincerity. Respect means devotion, sincerity, concentration, self-efforts and perseverance. It is a pursuit which can be called divine contemplation performed with firm devotion. Those who possess the qualities of sincerity, devotion and perseverance can be called Shraddhavan. It marks the inseparable connection among learner, learning and the facilitator.