The Institutional Biotech Hub of Handique Girls’ College was among the first batch of Biotech Hubs sanctioned by the DBT, Government of India in 2011. The hub was primarily aimed to study in the field of proteomics, genomics and immunology and has been instrumental in providing students of the College with an exposure to modern tools and techniques of biology especially in these fields. The Hub facilitates practical training and research activities not only for the students, researchers and faculties of the college but also of other neighboring institutions.  Over the years, the Hub has become an integral part of the college and today students have been able to get practical exposure of PCR, ELISA and other such tools together with the theoretical knowledge. Various student research projects could also be implemented using hub infrastructure. This has made biology learning more interesting and attractive. Today, hub activities are no longer confined to the biological science, cutting across other disciplines. Students from chemistry, physics are coming forward with interdisciplinary ideas using hub resources. In 2016, the Hub has been upgraded to Advanced Level Institutional Biotech Hub


The biotech hub of Handique Girls’ college was established focusing primarily in the field of molecular biology. The hub activities are planned in a way that can facilitate 

  • Exposure of students of the +2 level to modern techniques in biology and encourage project work.
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate student lab and project works thereby motivating students to engage in genuine research.
  • Interaction with experts and resource persons for capacity building in the field of Molecular biology, Bio informatics and Microbiology.
  • Focused awareness and outreach programmes.

Infrastructure Facilities

Sl. No. Name of the equipment Model No. & Brand Name
1 Gradient Thermal Cycler MyCycler, BioRad
2 Nanodrop 1000 C Thermo Scientific
3 Horizontal Electrophoresis Mini Sub Gel GT, BioRad
4 Vertical Electrophoresis Mini-Protean Tetra Cell, BioRad
5 Gel Doc System EZ System, BioRad
6 Long-wave UV Penlight BioRad
7 Microplate Reader iMark, BioRad
8 Refrigerated Centrifuge 5424 R, Eppendorf
9 Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood Neofam Instruments, NED Ultra Nlenz TM
10 Upright Freezer (- 20ºC) Vestfrost
11 Microwave Oven -LG Electronics-(MS2029 UW)
12 Autoclaves Yorco (YSI-401), Equitron
13 Water Bath Yorco (YSI-413)
14 Hot Air Oven Yorco (YSI-431)
15 Incubator Yorco (YS-438)
16 pH Meter Systronics
17 Mini Centrifuge REMI, RM-02
18 Tissue Homogenizer REMI, RD-127A/D
19 Magnetic Stirrer and Hotplate REMI, Cat No. 1 MLH
20 Digital Balance Kern 572-30
21 Dancing Shaker Tarsons
22 Single Distillation Unit Bioera
22 Cryocans  BA-03 (3.90 L), BA-03 (11.60 L)


1 Co-ordinator

Dr. Uday Sankar Senapati,

Assistant Professor (Sr.Grade),

Department of Physics

2 Junior Research Fellow (JRF)

Priya Chauhan, M.Sc (Microbiology), GATE qualified


Laboratory Assistant (LA)

Rimli Dadhara, M.Sc (Biotechnology)



The hub is rendering yeoman service to biology teaching and learning not only to the institute but also to other neighbouring institutions. Over the years, the hub is playing a pivotal role in providing

  • Exposure of undergraduate students of Zoology, Botany, Microbiology to molecular biology tools.
  • Training to faculties, researchers and students in the Molecular Biology and microbial techniques.
  • Aid to undertake undergraduate projects of the students of Zoology, Botany and Chemistry.
  • Assistance to the Departments of Microbiology, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany in transaction of practical classes of the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Support to the practical classes as well as project work of postgraduate courses of the Department of Zoology and Botany.
  • Exposure of postgraduate students of Zoology to different labs of neighbouring institutions.
  • Support to doctoral research.

Ongoing Project

Title: Targeting bacterial biofilms with polyphenol-loaded and silver-doped ZnO nanoparticles: prospects for agro- horticultural applications.           

Sanctioned Amount: Rs.57, 76, 203

Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.

Duration: 3 years (February, 2023 to March, 2026)

Principal investigator: Dr. Uday Sankar Senapati

Upcoming Events & News


ONE WEEK WORKSHOP ON ” BIOINFORMATICS” ( 9th to 14th August, 2023)


          Inauguration day (09/08/2023)

Theory session (09/08/2023)

Practical session (09/08/2023)

Theory session (10/08/2023)

Practical session (10/08/2023)

Theory session (11/08/2023)

Practical session I (11/08/2023)

Theory session (12/08/2023)

Practical session I (12/08/2023)

Theory session (14/08/2023)

Practical session (14/08/2023)

Closing session worshop feedback (14/08/2023)

Certificate distribution (14/08/2023/)