• Bachelor of Arts (Major and General)
  • CBCS Honours and Regular BA Courses since 2019 onwards.

Department has a departmental library with over 600 subject related books to cater the need of the students.

Laboratory and Equipment

The Department possesses a separate laboratory required for undertaking practical classes.

For Psychological Practicals, the following equipments are present

  1. Mirror Drawing Apparatus,
  2. Tachistoscopes,
  3. Maze Learning Apparatus,
  4. Memory Drum Apparatus,
  5. Calculators and
  6. Stopwatches
1Dr. Rosemary B. Choudhury
2Dr. Mrigakhi Sarma Hazarika
3Dr. Fatima Tohsin Sahidullah (HoD)
4Dr. Sangeeta Das
5Ms. Swapna Lahon