• Bachelor of Arts(Major & General)
  • CBCS Honours and Regular BA Courses since 2019 onwards.

Department has a departmental library. It is equipped with more than 600 books with some expensive reference books.


The department has a desktop computer, a laptop, internet facilities and a classroom of its own equipped with LCD projector.

Other Activities

Some regular features of the department are- Wall magazines and bulletin boards by the students, Webinars and “meet the author” programmes with eminent writers, talks by invited academician etc.

1Dr. Mitali Goswami
2Dr. Pori Hiloidari
3Dr. Srutimala Duara
4Dr. Tasrina Iqbal
5Dr. Krisha Das
6Dr. Debarati Das
7Dr. Purabi Goswami
8Dr. Bhuban Chandra Talukdar