• Bachelor of Arts (Major and General)
  • CBCS Honours and Regular BA Courses since 2019 onwards.

The department has a small but well stocked library (about 700 books) and believe that the students have been greatly benefited from the books available in the departmental library.


The department has a desktop computer and a projector.

Other Activities
  • Annual Certified Course on Yoga and Meditation for students.
  • The department organizes various activities for eg. Guest lectures, Interdisciplinary lectures under Philosophical Study Circle.
  • Five (5) Research Scholars had been awarded PhD Degree by Gauhati University under the guideship of Dr. Jutika Das.

The department publishes one journal titled “VISION” yearly.

1Dr. Madhuchanda Chaliha Bhuyan
Dr. Merry Halam
3Mr. Nayanjyoti Boro
4Dr. Rekha Moni Devi