The Department of Philosophy, Handique Girls’ College has been organizing a “Yoga and Meditation” course in collaboration with Vivekananda Kendra, Guwahati in the college campus, outside the class hours for more than twenty hours. This course is an attempt to present a critical exposition of Yoga as a Philosophy and its importance in present day society. The lectures connected to the course has been trying to present a systematic account of “Yoga” with a study of the basic concepts of “Yoga in Philosophy” in the light of the development of some schools of Indian Philosophy.


The Department of Philosophy has been organizing this course with the view that the knowledge of this great system of spiritual discipline will help the students to know about the true nature of the soul. Practice of Yoga is a mission with youthful dynamism and hence the departments believe, the Yoga course will help the students to understand about the establishment of the supremacy of the mind over the body.


Through this course, a large number of students are benefitted every year. The course is conducted by a group of resource persons from various organizations like Vivekananda Kendra, Aurobindo Society of Guwahati and other institutions. This helps the students from time to time in Yoga practices and meditation to acquire spiritual discipline in their physical, mental and societal activities.


Each course has duration of 30 hours. These 30 hours include Yoga practices, lecture-demonstrations, meditations, theory classes and visits to Vivekananda Kendra,  , Aurobindo Society of Guwahati. The department encourages students to attend workshops, quiz programmes and other activities related to the course.