Handique Girls’College has its own hostel situated at the heart of the city on the eastern bank of Dighalipukhuri, Guwahati. It has been named as Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi Girls’ Hostel, after the renowned poetess and renowned litterateur, late Nirmal Prabha Bordoloi, who was one of the illustrious alumnae of the institution. The College hostel is one of the integral parts as well as an extension of the institution. The College understands how being away from home can affect the mental and physical well being of the students. Therefore, all our efforts are directed towards giving our students a home away from home and making their stay as comfortable as possible, generating  a peaceful, inspirational and educational environment. The atmosphere of the hostel reflects the true multiplicity of the divergent cultures of the region and beyond the region as well.
Interior view of the Hostel
Interior view of the Hostel

The hostel offers a number of facilities for students such as:

  • Safe drinking water through Aqua guard
  • Water Dispensers providing both warm and cold drinking water
  • Aqua guard Water Coolers providing cold water
  • Refrigerators to keep food hygiene
  • Bain Marie to keep food fresh and warm
  • Hygienically prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
  • Television in common room cum dining hall
  • Round the clock security
  • Running water facility
  • Generator for uninterrupted electricity supply.
  • Medical facility with well furnished sick room
Sick room at the hostel premise
Sick room at the hostel premise


Well furnished Dining Hall cum Common Room
Well furnished Dining Hall cum Common Room
The internal management of the Hostel is looked after by a resident Warden/Superintendent. There is a Committee consisting of the Principal, Vice Principal, Convenor, members from the teaching staff and student representatives to ensure smooth functioning of the Hostel. Besides these, the Warden is assisted by Monitors and Floor Representatives of each floor selected yearly by the Warden. There are twelve trustworthy working staffs in the Campus; two Gate keepers, two ladies and two gents for cleaning purpose and the rest work in the kitchen.
  • Admission of the hostel is granted only after the college admission is finalised.
  • The college allots hostel accommodation only to the B.A./ B.Sc /B.C.A students.
  • The first semester students who want to apply for hostel accommodation should fill up the column given in the college admission form during the time of admission.
  • Number of hostel seat is limited and the admission is given strictly on the basis of academic merit.
  • Only out station students are eligible for admission.
  • Admission is finalised after an interview with the candidate, parents and local guardian who are interviewed by the hostel warden along with the members of the hostel committee.
Hostellers lead the rally as ‘60 Assam Girls’ Battalion’ on the inaugural ceremony of the College Week
Hostellers lead the rally as ‘60 Assam Girls’ Battalion’ on the inaugural ceremony of the College Week
Cultural programme during Farewell
Cultural programme during Farewell
Freshers along with Vice Principal and Hostel Superintendent at Fresher’s Meet


Hostel Admission Procedure
The College allots hostel accommodation only to the TDC students. No Hostel seats are provided to the first as well as the second year HS students (both Arts and Science). All TDC first semester students desiring Hostel accommodation should submit the Hostel application form, duly filled, on the day of the College admission. Applications are reviewed by the Hostel Committee and seats are allotted accordingly. The following documents should be attached with the completed form at the time of submission
  • College fee receipt.
  • Relevant documents of SC/ST.
  • One passport-size photograph.
  • Only regular students of Handique Girls’ College are eligible for Hostel accommodation.
  • Incomplete forms are rejected.
Re-admission to the Hostel is made afresh each year. Allotted seats are valid for one academic session only. Procedure for re-admission is the same as for first year admission. The following students are not re-admitted:
  • Those, who fail to secure 75% attendance in Major as well as Subsidiary subjects in the previous academic year.
  • Those who have violated College and Hostel rules, or are guilty of Hostel indiscipline or committed acts of misconduct in the previous year.
  • Those who fail to pay their mess dues regularly.
Rules and Regulations
  • There shall be no ragging in the Hostels. Anybody found indulging in ragging is liable to be expelled from the Hostel as well as from the College.
  • Students are required to sign on a register every time they leave the Hostel premises, (except during College hours) to fill in the required details and sign again on return. Strict measures are be taken against any boarder found violating this rule.
  • No resident is allowed to go home in between the summer and the Puja vacations without valid reasons.
  • Boarders must report at the Hostel the day before re-opening of the College.
  • Boarders are permitted to leave the Hostel the day before the commencement of a vacation.
  • Night stay outside the Hostel is generally not permissible. However, a boarder can stay at the local guardian’s house (for one night only), after submitting an application written and signed by the local guardian. Any extension of leave in case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances has to be written and duly signed by the local guardian.
  • Outstation leave is granted only on the production of a letter from the parents and permission from the Principal.
  • Any change in the details of the local guardian must be informed and approved by by the College authorities.
  • Boarders are required to maintain silence during study hours, the study schedule being 6 am to 9 am; 6 pm to 8.30 pm; 9.30 pm onwards.
  • Use of electric appliances and mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the Hostel rooms. If any forbidden articles, such as heaters, immersion rods, irons, stoves etc. are found in the room they will be confiscated and a fine imposed for the violation of rules.
  • Residents are required to keep their rooms tidy, neat and clean, and observe proper methods of disposal of garbage.
  • Meal timings must be strictly adhered to by the residents.
  • Morning tea 5.30 am.
  • Morning Meal 8-8.30 am.
  • Afternoon snacks 3.30 pm.
  • Evening Tea 5.45 pm.
  • Dinner 8-8.30 pm.
  • Boarders are not allowed to stay in the Hostel during college hours without valid reason.
  • Parents of a boarder should introduce the local guardian to the Superintendent of the Hostel.
  • A Passport size photograph of local guardian is required to be submitted to the Superintendent during admission.
General Information
  • Boarders are required to acquaint themselves with the Hostel Rules abide strictly by them.
  • Students on the waiting List are advised to regularly check the Hostel notice board. If students do not avail of a seat when it is offered , they will lose their priority in the Waiting List.
  • Seats are allotted by the Hostel Committee. No student can change her seat without the knowledge of the Superintendent and the approval of the Principal.
  • Each student must fill up the Resident Information form and submit the same to the Superintendent within 3 days of admission.
  • Allotted seat rent and establishment charges must be deposited at the College fees counter prior to entering the Hostel. Hostel admission is granted on production of the Hostel seat rent receipt.
  • The Hostel provides ceiling fans and lights. Each boarder is allotted a bed, a study table and chair. Boarders are required to bring in their own mattress, pillow, blankets, quilt, bed-linen, towels, curtains, bucket and mug.
  • Boarders must also bring their own plate, coffee-mug, glass, cutlery, thermos-flask, torch etc. No Hostel property must not be removed from the dining room under any circumstances.
  • In case of a medical emergency, a student is taken to the nearest hospital/nursing home, and her local guardian is immediately informed.
  • Students who forge the parents’ /local guardian’s signature may be expelled from the Hostel.
  • Rooms are subject to surprise checks by the Superintendent and the Hostel Committee.
  • Boarders are advised not to keep valuables and large amount of cash in their rooms. The Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.
  • Any damage to hostel property must be replaced by the offender.
  • Resident students are expected to help in the smooth and efficient functioning of the Hostel and extend full cooperation to the Superintendent. There are three monitresses, from among the boarders, who are responsible for maintaining order, discipline, and cleanliness in the rooms and corridors, and who also help in organizing extracurricular activities like Freshers’ Social, Saraswati Puja, etc. The monitresses are selected from the third year students either by the boarders or by the Superintendent. The office of the monitress is for one academic session.
  • The management of the Hostel mess is generally undertaken by a group of students from among the boarders. Selection of the group is at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  • The Hostel provides both day and night watchmen.
  • The boarders must provide 2 photographs (One family photo and one photo of her local guardian in the time of hostel admission.
  • Local guardian’s status should be married.
Visitors and Guests
  • Visiting days of the Hostel are as follows:
    Wednesday 3pm to 5pm
    Sunday 9 am to 12 noon; 3pmto5pm
    In normal circumstances, no visitors are allowed other than on these days.
  • Female visitors may visit the boarders in their rooms with the permission of the Superintendent. Male visitors can meet a resident only in the Visitors’ Room.
  • No visitors, including day scholars, are allowed to enter the Hostel, except with the permission of the Superintendent.
  • Boarders must be properly attired when receiving visitors. Meeting visitors and coming to the dining hall in night clothes is strictly prohibited.
  • Student-guests are allowed to stay in the Hostel with the prior permission of the Superintendent for a maximum period of 2 days. Extension of stay is determined by the Superintendent. The number of guests allowed for a boarder is at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  • The Superintendent reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate the stay of any guest.
  • Hostel rules and regulations are also applicable to guests.
Hostel fees and other dues-> Please refer to Prospectus