Student Information Services

An Information and Career Guidance Cell has been set up as per the guidelines of the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship. The main objective of the cell is –

  1. To establish a platform for active and fruitful interaction between the students and teachers.
  2. To create awareness about the necessity of entrepreneurship among the students.
  3. To provide required information about various scope for self employment.
  4. To organize workshops, training, seminars, group discussions and debates on various important issues to give proper exposure to the students.
  5. To identify hidden skills among students and to give them proper guidance and counseling, for choosing a suitable career
  6. To organize educational field visits to industrial sites.
Student counseling

The students counseling cell of the college has been trying to reach out to the expectations of students by providing information about the subject, clarification of queries and guidance. The cell guides students for future career and/ or extends vocational guidance. Till now experts from different fields have met the students and helped them to clarify their queries on future career, personal problems, health problems etc. Dr. Jayanta Das, Dr. Dipesh Bhagawati, Dr. Sibnath Deb, Sangeeta Sharma were amongst the experts who visited the college to counsel the students.

Women’s Studies Cell

The college has a Women’s Studies Cell. The Cell was formed in 2001. The cell has been active, since its inception in holding talks, competitions and awareness drives on women’s issues. The cell organized interactive session on gender issues for students and staff members. Imminent personalities viz. Dr. Sushila Kaushik, Director of WSRC, Delhi University and Dr. Archana Sarma, Director, WSRC, Gauhati University were amongst the resource persons. Further State Level workshop on ‘Faculty Awareness in Promoting Women’s Studies in Higher education was also organized by the cell.

Societies and Clubs

Students of the college participate in a wide range of creative activities in which they play the pivotal role. These societies and associations keep the college humming with creative energy. They promote a healthy corporate life and afford opportunities for all round development. A student may become a member of the following societies of the college.

  • Assamese Literary Society.
  • Philosophical Study Circle.
  • Educational and Psychological Society.
  • Handique Girls’ College Science Society.
  • Women’s Studies Research Centers’ Cell.
  • Home Science Society.
  • Astronomy Club.
  • Economic Society.
  • Sanskrit Sadanam.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Cell.
  • Health Awareness Cell.
  • Bohemian Souls- The Dramatics Society.
  • Srijan – A society for creative writing.
  • Aangik – A society for cultural activities.
  • Photographic Society.
  • Red Ribbon Club.
  • Adventure sports activities.

The College has a full-fledged National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS) unit and willing students are imparted necessary training under a trained officer. Moreover, the students render social service both inside and outside the college under the National Service Scheme. Facilities are also available for mountain for mountaineering training, hospital attachment training advance leadership, Para-military training and youth exchange programme.

Support services

The support services of the college are meant for economically backward and physically challenged students who desire to undergo mainstream education. There is a Student’ Welfare Fund, under which assistance is granted to the needy students in the form of-

  • Financial assistance for Books.
  • Counseling services for physically challenged students.
  • Concession for library, sports, establishment and tuition fees for deserving students.

Such assistance is given annually to deserving students, subject to availability of funds. To avail this facility, students will have to apply to the Principal, Handique Girls’ College with certificate from a prominent citizen of the locality.

Student Activity centre

The college provides ample ground for development of co-curricular activities of the students. The college has a Day Home capable of seating 200 people, which is available for co-curricular activities like debate, quizzes seminars, etc. The college provides students with equipment and facilities for Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Shot Put, Discus and other indoor games. Besides sports, the college provides students to pursue activities like music, drama, hobby photography and literary activities. There are different societies which support these activities. The college also provides facilities for wall magazines, an annual college magazine and other publications to showcase literary activities.

Student Union

Handique Girls’ College Students’ Union is the general body of the students of the college. It’s membership is compulsory for every student admitted into the college. The office bearers of the union are elected annually through direct ballot.

The Students’ Union of the college has been involved in various developmental activities of the college. It tries to bring into notice the problems of students before the college administration. It plays a prominent role in building a cordial relationship between the college administration and the students. The Students’ Union body represents the college in various social platforms by participating in various social activities which helps to enhance the college students’ relations with the public. Apart from that the Union organizes various activities mainly Games and Sports, Debate, Cultural programs and Social Service among the students. It also brings out a magazine annually providing the students a platform to express themselves and enhance their literary skills. It is also the responsibility of the Students’ Union to organise festivals like Saraswati puja and functions like freshman social, cultural week, etc..anually.

Extension activity

The college has an Extension Activities Cell, which looks after the College’s Village Development Scheme, School Adoption Programme and Community Service initiatives. The college has also an Environmental Care Programme in the Clean Guwahati- Green Guwahati initiative supported by UGC under CPE scheme. The college has also a Science Society, a body of teachers’ and students that reaches out the community with various interventions.

Central Computer Centre

The College has an air-conditioned Central Computer Centre with 32 sets of high end desktop computers and a high speed 8 Mbps broadband line provided by BSNL. Both students and the faculty members use this facility to access the internet, download materials, scan and take print-out of the materials of their interest and do other computer based tasks. The facility is also used by the faculty for computer literacy and for imparting computer related activities.